Revelations from the Lord


    Quantum physics indicates that we live in a universe of observer-created realities. Can this really be the creation
    of Genesis? No. The universe had it's beginnings in a single point and has expanded and changed ever since. 
    The original creation is not the universe of today. It existed in much different dimensions.
    The basis of today's universe is probability and space-time; the basis of creation is the Word, Jesus Christ. The 
    essential difference between the two realms is man's relation to God which was broken through sin. This broken
    relation manifests itself in man's attempt to construct his own worlds apart from God. At the heart of every universal 
    dilemma - physical or psychological - is the state of an individual's relation to God and the meanings by which he
    What follows are revelations from the Lord about the fundamental difference between creation and this universe,
    about space-time and quantum mechanics.

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